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In our experience, it’s always best to discuss arrangements over the phone in the first instance. Please either email or give us a call for any questions.

What kind of sport is archery?

In modern times, archery is primarily a competitive sport and recreational activity. While the format has changed, the principles of precision, focus, control and repetition remain the same. Archery featured at the Olympic Games in the early 1900s and joined the programme permanently in 1972.

How hard is it to learn archery?

Patience. Archery's easy to learn, but difficult to perfect. Although fun, it can be frustrating – and patience in practice is essential for a longer-term future in the sport. Having the determination to precisely repeat a technique makes you a better archer and, consequently, a better person!

Is learning archery worth it?

Archery improves mental toughness.
Archers not only need physical strength, but also mental strength. Just by practicing archery, young archers will learn patience, focus, and self-motivation.

Is there parking?

Yes - there is plenty of parking at No Limits Archery Range.

Do you need to be athletic for archery?

You don't have to be particularly fast, strong or even coordinated to succeed at archery. Regardless of your natural athletic ability, you can enjoy shooting a bow and arrow.

How old to children have to be?
Children need to be able to act in a mature manner when shooting and that is more important than age.

Also, children come in all shapes and sizes but in our experience, they need to be able to hold the bow themselves to get the most enjoyment out of the day. If you are unsure, you can always pop down with your child before the day to check.

What are the risks of archery?

A major cause of archery-related accidents comes from damaged bows or bow strings snapping. Make sure to check all components of both the bow and arrow for any signs of damage including cracks, chips, fraying, warping and any other wear and tear that could compromise the integrity of the equipment.

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